AZ Spacers

AZ non-metallic casing spacers are designed for use with water and sewer pipes 3.85” to 13.75” in diameter. They are an economical alternative to banded woods skids and stainless steel bands for inserting pipes into casings. AZ spacers also eliminate the need for sand or grout filling of the annular space in the casing. All are adaptable to a wide variety of carrier pipe O.D.’s found on PVC Pressure/Sewer Pipe, DI-Ductile Iron, C-900, P.E., and IPS-Steel Pipes


 Typical Application for Model AZ Casing Spacers Casing Spacers

 Typical Installation
Based on 20-feet (6.0-meters) carrier pipe segments in a casing of not more than 300-feet (91.5-meters) . Consult PSI for longer casings and for concrete pipe.

Recommended Maximum Spacing
All Model AZ Isolator/Spacers should not exceed 5-feet (1.5-meters) to 8-feet (2.4-meters) center-to-center. An isolator/spacer should be placed within 2-feet (0.6-meters) on each side of a coupling or joint and within 1-foot (0.3-meters) of each end of the casing.
  • Variable O.D.’s of casing spacer to fit multiple sized space
  • Manufactured from UV resistant polypropylene
  • Runner heights may be interchanged or field cut to adjust for grade
  • Corrosion protection - only metal components are steel bolts/nuts
  • One piece molded construction for maximum load bearing
  • Allen Head Bolts for improved spacer tightening 




UV resistant polypropylene

Compressive Strength

3,000 psi
(211 kg/sq. cm)


-40° F. to 180° F.
(-40° C. to +82° C.)

Impact Strength

1.5 ft. lb./in.
(0.8 joules/cm)

Dielectric Strength

800 volts/mil. min.

Load Carying Capacity*

770 lbs.
(340 kg)



The maximum load bearing capacity per spacer is based on 1-1/2" (36mm) skid height in a dylindrical casing.