Tapecoat H35/H50 Grey

Tapecoat H35/50 Grey

  • A new technology that features a cold-applied tape with multiple-alloy polymers for use both above and below ground.
  • Designed to protect the pipe from corrosion and electrolysis.
  • With an integrated primer, Tapecoat H50 Gray is resistant to UV rays, thermal expansion, impact and abrasion.
  • Liquid primer NOT required.


Tapecoat Omni-Prime

Tapecoat TC Omniprime

  • Tape Omniprime is a universal, VOC-exempt solvent-based primer that meets the standards for health and environmental safety, while demonstrating tough field-applied performance.
  • This versatile primer can be used with cold or hot applied tapes and heat shrinkable sleeves for the corrosion protection of metal surfaces such as pipes, valves and fittings.