Adjustable Torch Holder
The Model “C” Adjustable Torch Holder features two rack-and-pinion driven, dove-tailed slide assemblies, making horizontal and vertical movements easy. Its smooth, accurate torch adjustments eliminate blow holes, allowing the torch height to be altered even when the cutting torch is in motion.

No special modifications are necessary with most torch lengths. A built-in protractor gives precise bevel angles every time. The Model “C” fits all Standard H & M Beveling Machines except the Model No. 0, which requires a special adapter plate.

Sawyer Adjustable Torch Holder
A New Design Torch Holder Attachment fits all standard sizes of Sawyer Band Type, Compact and Quick-Set Beveling Machines, as well as the Out-of-Round Attachment.
  • Constructed of durable, light-weight aluminum
  • Horizontal adjustment that allows torch rather than entire beveling machine to be moved when making final adjustments prior to cutting and beveling
  • Reduces time required for pipe-end preparation
  • Provides a superior cut and bevel