Reed™ Hinged Cutters

PROLINE has equipment for cutting all types and sizes of pipe from steel, cast iron to ductile iron pipe. Our Reed™ Cold Pipe Cutters are strong and durable, tested for all kinds of conditions. For ductile iron choose our Hinged Cutters. For large diameter cast iron and steel pipe we recommend our Rotary Cutters.

Hinged Cutters

The Reed™ Hinged Cutter is the only hinged cutter recommended for ductile iron. It consists of a four-wheel cutter that cuts steel, cast iron and ductile iron pipe (1" thru 12" pipe diameter). Wheels are available for cast and ductile iron or extra thick wall steel pipe. PROLINE representatives will assist you in selecting the proper wheel depending on the size cutter and material to be cut.


  • 90º to 110º handle swing
  • 4" clearance around pipe
  • Tough guide fingers ensure perfect alignment for square cuts
  • A closed 360º frame allows efficient cutting
  • No sparks



Reed™ Hinged Cutter Sizes

 H4  2 1/2" - 4" Pipe
 H6  4" - 6" Pipe
 H8  6" - 8" Pipe
 H12  10" - 12" Pipe

 * for larger cutters please see Reed™ Rotary Cutters