Reed™ Rotary Cutters
 PROLINE has equipment for cutting all types and sizes of pipe from steel, cast iron to ductile iron pipe. Our Reed™ Cold Pipe Cutters are strong and durable, tested for all kinds of conditions. For ductile iron choose our Hinged Cutters. For large diameter cast iron and steel pipe we recommend our Rotary Cutters.

Rotary Cutters

The Reed™ Rotary Cutter is the best manual cutter for ductile iron and is recommended for large diameter cast iron and steel pipe 5" to 34" pipe diameter (127 mm to 863.6 mm). All sizes use the same cutter wheels. Special wheels are available for ductile and cast iron. PROLINE representatives will assist you in selecting the proper wheel depending on the size cutter and material to be cut.


  • Great for cold cuts, fast setup and cutting in close quarters
  • New low profile design requires only 4" clearance for up to 16" pipe diameter
  • Needs 6"- 8" (152.4mm to 203.2mm) clearance around pipe and 45º to 60º handle swing
  • Heavy frame – no Reed rotary cutter has ever broken
  • Steel wheels will cut up to 25"-32" wall thickness

Reed™ Rotary Pipe Cutter Sizes

 RC8  5" - 8" Pipe
 RC12 10 - 14" Pipe
 RC16 16" - 18" Pipe
 RC20  20" - 22" Pipe
 RC24  24" - 26" Pipe

*Larger sizes may be available by special order

Rotary Pipe Cutter Sizes

LCRC8S  5" - 8" Steel Pipe
LCRC12S 10 - 14" Steel Pipe
LCRC16S 16" - 18" Steel Pipe