Flange Armour Flange Protection

Flange Armour improves time and cost savings for any business involved with the production of flanges of any type and size. Our research and development of the first generation of Flange Armour is already changing the way flange protection is managed by Companies.

Industries have recognized that using Flange Armour helps improve the quality of their flanged assets and reduces costly rework caused during production and delivery stages. Our clients are excited about improved delivery time, workmanship and ease of use.

Flange Armour is the future for Quality Flange Integrity Protection.


  • Improved flange raised face protection
  • Reduces defects and damage
  • Reduces capital costs
  • Reduces inspection time
  • Improved Predictability / reliability
  • Quick and easy use
  • High visibility
  • Improves fabrication yield and throughput
  • Reduces fabrication costs
  • Reduces shipping preparation time
  • Reduces assembly time / costs
  • Light weight
  • Recyclable / Reusable
  • Improves product delivery time


  • Pipe spools / equipment flanges
  • Construction projects
  • Warehouse / yard preservation
  • Asset lifecycle
  • Valve flange face protection
  • Commissioning / Immobilization
  • Turn-arounds / shutdowns
  • High visibility for safe transportation

No tools Required:

  • Reduced defects and damage
  • Reduces refacing costs
  • Improved assembly time / cost
  • Improved shipping preparation time
Plastic Flange Caps
  • Available ½” – 12” ANSI Class 150#-600#
  • API 2-1/16” to 7- 1/16”  in 2000#, 3000#  and 5000#
  • Easy and fast to install – just line up the bolt holes and tap in with your palm or a rubber mallet
  • Very economical