Cage Clamps
  •  Tightens with hand lever
  • Simple, quick, easy to use
  • Available with Hydraulic Jack assembly and NO TACK arched cross bars
  • Available in sizes up to 60" (1524mm) pipe diameter
All standard line-up clamps are precision Fitted to the proper specifications to ensure Proper alignment and quick clamping. All standard clamps have a flat cross bar Design with a convenient hand lever For quick line-up of the pipe (seen above). The standard line-up clamps are simple, Quick and easy to use, and have been an industry standard for over 50 years.

Warning: Pipe clamps are designed for the sole purpose of aligning pipe ends while welding. Do not use the clamp to support the weight of the pipeline while lifting or moving. Use no shims, wedges, or cheaters with these clamps