Proline Multi-Strap Tractor Bending Shoe


  • Bends pipe easily and economically
  • Easily mounted on side boom equipped tractors
  • Bends pipe from 2” TO 8” (50mm – 203.2mm)
  • Rugged - Built for the toughest conditions
  • Bending straps are easily replaced (No need to replace entire belt if damaged)

Installation Details

  1. Mounting plate A is welded to boom B.
  2. Dead eyes C and D are welded to top of boom B.
  3. Mounting bracket G is bolted to adapter plate A.
  4. Bending shoe E and adapter assembly F is pinned to mounting bracket G, using pin H.
  5. Static line I is attached to top of boom at C.

Operating Instructions

  • Static line I is attached to one end of pipe about 10 feet from bending shoe.
  • Sideboom load line J is attached to other end of pipe (for maximum bending force, load line should be attached about 10 feet from bending shoe).
  • Pulling on load line draws pipe into bending shoe E.
  • Continued pull on load line bends pipe in shoe.