MatJack Air Lifting Bags
 Use MatJacks under the most adverse conditions to re-locate position and align heavy machinery and odd-shaped loads. MatJacks air lifting bags are used anywhere there’s a heavy object to lift or move.

  • MatJack’s unique construction of four full layers of Aramid Fiber or three full layers of woven steel, provide for a lifting bag unequalled in strength and durability.
  • All MatJack air lifting bags are marked with a distinct white numbered, “bulls eye” for ease of centering under the load, and have a conical, interlocking surface to limit slippage and aid in stacking.
  • All MatJacks have either carry handles or tabs molded right on for lifting or attaching to fixtures.
  • The MatJack “state-of-the-art” deadman controller allows for independent or simultaneous operation of one or more airbags.
  • Supply hoses are color coded to help eliminate confusion during simultaneous operation of more than one air bag.
  • Available in a variety of sizes and ranging in lifting capacity from 1.5 tons to 86 tons, the MatJack air lifting bag system is efficient and economical, safe and reliable, making them simply the best.
MatJack Accessories
High Pressure Supply Line (availible in 6 colors)


515 20’ High Pressure Supply Line - 20' / 6 meter high pressure supply hose


515SC 20' High pressure supply hose with safety couplers - 20' / 6 meter high pressure supply hose with safety couplers


515SR 20' Safety relief hose - 20' / 6 meter high pressure safety relief hose

 515SRSC 20' Safety relief hose with safety couplers -20' / 6 meter high pressure safety relief hose with safety couplers

10 ft / 3 m Regulator hose primarily for use with bottle regulators to connect regulator to control unit.

Dual Push Button Deadman control with 120 psi/8 bar relief valve used to control inflation and deflation with one common air source of Matjack high pressure air lifting bags, come standard with two 0-160 psi/10 bar gauges.


Inline Relief Valve

MatJack Air Lifting Bag Specs