Stackable Plastic Cable Stands
Proline cable stands are presently being used successfully wherever cable support is required.  They have been thoroughly tested. Proline cable stands come in two convenient sizes, 20” and 36”.  The advantages of these stands over other methods of support are their lightweight, ease in handling, transportation, and storage.

Company names are available upon request for inventory or identification concerns. The cable stands are contoured for greater support. Each cable stand is built tough, to withstand the conditions encountered supporting cable of various sizes.

The product is a UV stabilized HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) with an approximate UV life span of 6.5 years. The polyethylene has a melting point of 125ºC (257ºF) and a low temperature impact resistance of -40ºC (-40ºF). Pigments can be added to produce many different colours if desired. The stands are stackable to allow for economical freight, storage and easy handling.  The cable stands are completely recyclable at the end of their useable life and older stands can be tested at different intervals and can be culled from old stock if required. 

Custom sizes and colours are available upon request.

 Yellow Rectangle Shape
 Yellow Rectangle Shape
 Overall Height: 20” (50.80 cm)
 Overall Height: 36” (91.44 cm)
 Saddle Height: 17” (43.18 cm)
 Saddle Height: 33” (83.82 cm)
 Weight: 8 lbs. (3.63 Kgs.)
 Weight: 14 lbs. (6.35 Kgs.)
 No. Per Standard Pallet: 120
 No. Per Standard Pallet: 80