Portable Wash Pad's are a proactive alternative for steam cleaning, pressure washing and servicing of equipment. Enviro-Pads - Wash Pad provides containment of used wash water and contaminated waste allowing for disposal in an environmentally approved manner. Wash Pads are portable and reusable eliminating ground and surface water contamination.

Standard Features

  • Steel construction
  • Engineered certified
  • Pads interlock - for custom sizing
  • Connection hoses - maximum fluid volume storage
  • Forklift tubes and lifting eyes for installation and removal
  • Non slip working surface
  • Surface load rating up to 30 ton per pad


  • Enviro-Mats - when using track equipment
  • Enviro-Walls - prevent over spray
  • Ramps - Drive on/off
  • Truck undercarriage wash ramps
  • Portable pressure washer units
  • Heat coils

 Enviro-Pads Containment Systems: Constructed out of high-grade steel. Manufactured in widths of 16’ and 20’, with a standard length of 8’, and heights of 7” or 12”.

Typical pipeline equipment wash station: 20’x32’x12” height with 4 ramps and walls down both sides…

  • Total surface rating: 240,000 lbs
  • Transport weight: 32,000 lbs (truck or trailer deck space required 21’)
  • Fluid volume capacity: 3840 Gallons
  • Safe and easy to clean out with removable grating
  • Non-Slip work surface
  • Setup time: 30 Minutes


Standard Specifications

8’x20’x12” height

8’x16’x7” height

8’x16’x12” height

·   30 Ton: weights: 6,500 lbs/pad

·   30 Ton: weights 3,700 lbs/pad

·   30 Ton: weights 5,500 lbs/pad

·   30 Ton: volume 960 imp gal/pad

·   30 Ton: volume 480 imp gal/pad

·   30 Ton: volume 768 imp gal/pad

Enviro-Pads Containment Systems Inc. meet the stringent guidelines set out by the Energy Resources Conservation Board (ERCB), Alberta Environment (AENV), and the Fire Code of Alberta.