Jerry Can Test Pumps

CVS Portable Injection Hand Pump

This portable hand pump of rugged design is available in both high-pressure and low-pressure models. This Injection Hand Pump will quickly and effectively de-ice valves and lines with a few strokes.

The hand pump is mounted on a 20-litre (5 gallon) metal container. Other features include adjustable pressure settings (1000, 2000 and 3000 psi), rubber core steel braided discharge hose for easy connections, convenient pressure relief valve and a discharge stroke volume of .730 cu. in or 11.96 ml. 


High Pressure Jerry Can Test Pump

XHP 10000 High Pressure Portable Chemical Injection Hand Pump

The XHP 10000, is a portable chemical injection hand pump capable of injection pressure to a maximum of 10000 psi. The portable injection hand pump is used to introduce methanol to effectively thaw frozen lines. Other applications may include hydro testing. The XHP 10000 utilizes a 10000 psi line check to maintain the pump pressure in the process installation. A supplied needle valve is incorporated to relieve the line pressure in the hose. The hand pump is mounted on a durable 5 gallon (20 L) tank. The 7 foot long injection hose utilizes a swivel fitting to easily install to most applications. The XHP 10000 is field serviceable, and additional support and repair kits are readily available.