Weiler Roughneck Wire Wheels

Roughneck® Stringer Bead Wheels - The standard for high-performance weld cleaning brushes. Narrow face brushes are suitable for cleaning root and hot passes and reaching into corners; wider face wheels can be used for cleaning filler and cap passes as well as for other surface prep and cleaning applications. 

Stock Sizes:

5" - #08756 (5/BOX)

6" - #09400 (5/BOX)


Weiler Dually Wire Wheels
Featuring a new patent-pending design, the Dually line of cleaning brushes is the choice for the most demanding inter-pass welding applications such as pipeline construction, boiler and pressure vessel fabrication, and shipbuilding. Welders' assistants on the pipeline were among the first to realize the value in periodically switching the mounting position of a wheel in order to maintain cleaning speed and effectiveness. The Dually utilizes a nut design that features a hex on each side of the wheel which is high enough to insure adequate tool clearance in either mounting position.  

Now all users can realize the benefits of the "Flip" without compromising safety by removing the guard from their grinder.

Dually™ Stringer Bead Wheels - Feature a dual-hex nut design* that simplifies periodic flipping of the wheel for maximum cleaning action, long life, and safer use.

Stock Sizes:

5" - #79802 (5/BOX)

6" - #79805  (5/BOX)

7" - #79800 (5/BOX)


Osborn Wire Wheels

Rugged knot-type construction provides high brush flexibility, more uniform results, maximum safety and efficient operation at high speeds. Brushes larger than 6” should be mounted on stationary tables; those 6” and smaller can be mounted to stationary installations or attached to portable tools. Features standard twist knot. 

Stock Sizes:

6" - #26047 (12/BOX)

6 1/2" - #26047 (12/BOX)

Osborn Knotted Wire Cup Brush
 Heavy duty for rugged and efficient use on a variety of maintenance or cleaning applications. Bridles reduce the flare of the wires for a more aggressive brush face. Bridles can be easily removed after partial wear.

Stock Sizes:

2 1/2" - #33083

3 1/2" - #33126