EZ-MAX® Repair Clamps

The EZ-MAX PLUS 4000 repair clamp is suited to a wide range of pipe repair conditions, and each size will replace between three and four standard range clamp designs in your inventory. Each repair clamp accommodates a range of up to 8/10ths of an inch. The EZ-MAX repair clamp is available in widths ranging from 6”, 9”, 12”, 15” and 24” wide. The EZ-MAX PLUS 4000 offers an efficient range adjustable band, a deep waffled mat-type gasket with pressure-assisted sealing rings and NSF61 Registered EPDM compounded gasket. The gasket is equipped with a spanner plate that is mechanically attached to the band to provide completely uniform gasket pressure. This method eliminates the need to mold the spanner plate in the gasket, allowing the EZ-MAX to provide a faster seal during installation. The EZ-MAX PLUS 4000 wraparound clamp requires no disassembly. The installer simply wraps the clamp around the pipe, slides it over the break, applies the quick-set lug system and tightens the bolts to the required torque. All work is performed from the topside of the low profile clamp, eliminating the need for extra excavation and under-dig for the wrench. The EZ-MAX PLUS 4000 can be easily handled by one person due to the nature of its superior lightweight materials of construction. The repair clamp is equipped with a corrosion-resistant type 304 stainless steel pipe-reinforcing band, and comes with 304 stainless steel spanner, nuts and bolts.

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All Diameters from 2 to 12 Inch • All Tap Sizes from ½ to 2 Inch • AWWA (CC) Threads • IP Threads • All Outlets Attached with Passivated AWS Certified TIG Weld • 8/10th Inch Wide Range • NSF61 Registered EPDM Mat Type Pressure Assisted Gasketing • Non Glued Gasket Attachment • EPDM Branch Gasketing (Specify for use on HDPE, since branch gasket differs from other pipe types) • All Pipe Types Including Polyethylene • Maxi Lube® Coating on Bolts Prevents Galling • 304 Stainless Construction • 304 Stainless Steel Spanner Plate Integrated with Band • Polycarbonate Lug Material • No Disassembly Required Prior to Installation • All AWWA Outlets Comply with ANSI/AWWA C 800-07 • For Water and Sewerage Applications, above and below ground • Significant Inventory Reduction • 100% More Range than Standard Repair Clamps (Accommodates a Pipe Range of 8/10ths an inch) • Superior Combination of Mat-type Gasket with Pressure Ring Sealing Capabilities • No-Glue Gasket Attachment • Easy Fitting . . . Either two bolts (6-inch wide), three bolts (9-inch wide), four bolts (12-inch wide), five bolts (15-inch wide), eight bolts (24-inch wide) • Bolts require no disassembly or removal • Unique Patented Lug Assembly with Polycarbonate High Impact Lug Retainer • Lightweight . . . can be handled by one person • Available in diameters for 1.5 to 12 inches for all types of pipe ranging from IPS to Asbestos-Cement • Wrap-around type installation • Standard 304 Stainless Steel no-weld design • 150 psi Rated Working Pressure • Meets and Exceeds the new AWWA C230-11 Standard • Compliant with new AWWA C230-11 Testing Standards for systems up to 150 psi • New Shark Tooth