Push Button Carbon Flange Pin

NEW Push-Button Carbon Steel Flange Line Up Pins (FLUP) Stainless Steel Flange Line Up Pins Introducing the latest addition to the Mathey Dearman Flange Line Up Pins (FLUP) range, our new push-button carbon steel model. The new Flange Line Up Pin installs and removes quickly thanks to its convenient push-button operation. Rugged ACME thread and rust-resistant black oxide coated carbon steel means you can expect years of reliable use. Our most affordable FLUP still provides the accuracy and ease of use that you’ve come to expect from quality Mathey Dearman pipefitting tools. The wide profile supports a level or square solidly when used in pairs.

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ACCURATE | Eliminates guesswork FAST | Flanges can be aligned in as little as one minute SAVES TIME & MONEY | Alignment can be performed by one person