It doesn’t take long for heavy machinery to begin deteriorating when it is left with toxic chemicals or even simple dirt and oil on key surfaces. There are some locations that require that equipment is thoroughly cleaned before it is moved or serviced, helping protect individuals that are working on the equipment as well as preventing cross-contamination of the soil or surrounding waterways. Portable wash stations provide the ideal solution for teams that would otherwise need to set up a permanent option for pressure washing or steam cleaning equipment. These practical and versatile solutions help teams adhere to stringent guidelines including the Alberta Environment standards (AENV), Energy Resource Conservation Board (ERCB) as well as the Fire Code of Alberta — all of which prohibit used wastewater leaching into the environment.

Benefits of High-Quality Portable Wash Pads

The non-slip surfaces of these high-quality, portable wash pads feature an exceptionally large capacity water storage of up to 3,840 gallons — more than enough for your toughest cleaning project. Wash pads from Proline Pipe Equipment are made of high-grade steel and are track and grouser friendly and can be easily installed at any job site with a level, stabilized surface. Closed-loop washing and recycling systems help ensure that even solids are managed appropriately, and the islands are portable enough that they can be installed very quickly. You can even customize your portable wash pad with a variety of options including:

  • Additional walls and ramps
  • Custom-sizing and weight certifications
  • Removable grating
  • Heat coils within pads
  • Glycol Heater
  • Hot and cold water pressure washer

With a surface load rating of up to 50 tons and lifting eyes for rapid removal and deployment, these portable wash stations are eco-friendly options for the toughest cleaning situations. Each pad is fully reusable and can be installed in a variety of different locations or situations, depending on the needs of your project team.

Protecting the environment starts by ensuring that you are not introducing contaminants back into the system as you are washing off your heavy equipment and machinery. With portable wash pads from Proline Pipe Equipment, rest assured that your portable wash station is a fully contained system that provides you with all of the benefits of a dedicated cleaning location without the cost of permits or permanent fixtures. Plus, portable wash pads can be quickly assembled and taken down with only a few personnel. Learn more about the portable wash pads available from Proline Pipe Equipment by calling our team of highly-trained professionals at 780-465-6161 or use our quick online form to contact our sales team. The experts at Proline Pipe Equipment can also define unique standards with additional electrical requirements, connection points and more.