Proline Internal Copper Backup Clamps

PROLINE manufactures and supplies a variety of Line Up Clamps. Our clamps ensure accurate alignment of two joints of pipe and are quick and easy to adjust for different pipe wall thickness. All PROLINE clamps have proven themselves in thousands of miles of pipeline construction even under the most extreme field conditions.

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PROLINE’s patented Pneumatic Internal Copper Back Up Clamp is designed to ensure a smooth circumferential weld internally in the pipe. The Copper Back Up Clamp supports the weld pool that would otherwise fall into the pipe sections during the external automatic pipe welding operation. Features: Copper back up ring assemblies are installed between the front and rear clamping mechanisms of the PROLINE Internal Pneumatic Line-up Clamps. Ring assemblies are engineered to operate totally separate from the front and rear clamping mechanisms of the internal pneumatic line-up clamps. Design ensures that each copper shoe will fully contact the internal surface of the pipe