Inflatable Multi-Sized Purge Bladders

The I-Purge X is the most adaptable and technologically advanced modular inflatable bladder system available to date.

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The I-Purge X is a highly advanced and adaptable modular inflatable bladder system that can fit multiple pipe sizes. It utilizes Bladder Expansion Technology (BET) that allows bladders to expand and contract to fit different piping specifications. The bladders are protected by a spark-resistant exterior cover that does not combust when exposed to flames or sparks. The system offers multiple configurations, including a one-sided pipe stopper and reducer. It comes in various sizes and may be purchased as a complete system or individual components. The I-Purge X is a versatile and long-lasting solution that is ideal for fabrication shops and any environment with pipe accessibility.

Features & Benefits
  • Equipped with proprietary Bladder Expansion Technology (BET) that enables one unit to fit multiple pipe sizes and schedules
  • Designed to expand and contract numerous times
  • Manufactured in the USA from the highest quality materials
  • Inflated bladders create an impermeable, air tight seal on pipe wall for multiple inflation dimensions
  • Spark resistant, durable exterior cover does not melt
  • Heavy-duty interior inflatable bag
  • Re-usable, long-term solution for purging multiple pipes of the same diameter