This tool was conceived by welders and pipe fitters, for welders and pipe fitters. It has taken a cumbersome and time consuming procedure and drastically simplified it, especially in confined workspaces, such as oil and gas facility construction.

Existing methods require a lot of gear and a lot of space to perform this task, along with the inherited safety issues. Developed around the same principles as existing methods, except faster, more ergonomic and safer. Requiring very little room for clamping up, a single tool and package to perform the majority of work and most importantly, drastically reducing failure risk and consequences.


  • A faster, safer and more ergonomic way to push and pull pipe
  • Built for field use
  • A small package for easy transport and hoisting
  • Non pipe size specific
  • What’s needed for rigging is always in place
  • Designed for use in limited spaces
  • Allows for access to joint during fit-up
  • Pipe can be fit and ready for welders
  • Can be left in place while welding


Time Savings

This graph/chart is an illustration of the time saving numbers (from low to high estimates) that were given to QuickFit Innovations from industry personnel. We have used a $60/hour rate of pay and used an average joint count estimate of 3 joints per day for graphing and chart purposes.


Technical Specifications:

  • Safe Working Load (SWL): 5000 lbs. (2.25 tonnes)
  • Jack Shear Strength: 72000 lbs. (32.6 tonnes)
  • Pin/Bolt Shear Strength: 23000 lbs. (10.4 tonnes) x2
  • Jaw Ear Shear Strength: 62000 lbs. (28.1 tonnes) x2
  • Clamping Force (Min-Max): 18000-24000 lbs. (8.1-10.8 tonnes) x2