Propane Bottles

Propane Bottles available for liquid or vapour.

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Propane Bottles:

Constructed out of steel, these certified industrial propane bottles are available in:

30lb & 100lb liquid propane bottle – has the hose from the valve to the bottom of the bottle (approx. 1″ from the bottom) to draw liquid. Do not use a liquid bottle if you are using a vapour torch.  A resulting fire can happen.

30lb vapour propane bottle 

LPG – Liquefied Petroleum Gas – is a liquid and a gas. It is a liquid under pressure or below -42°C (-44°F). It is a gas at 20°C (68°F) and 1 atm pressure (NTP) so, when released from a cylinder the propane liquid becomes gas.

LPG is both a liquid and a gas within the gas bottle.  LPG is gas vapour at the top of the bottle and liquid LPG at the bottom, as shown in the image.

Liquid Propane vs Gas Propane

There is a difference between liquid propane vs gas propane. Propane is a liquid when it is under pressure or below -42°C. Propane is a gas when the pressure is relieved and the temperature is over -42°C. Comparing liquid propane vs gas propane, the applications are also different and not interchangeable.

When ordering, be sure to indicate if you need a liquid or vapour bottle.