Proline Pipe Equipment has an extensive relationship with both H & M and Mathey to help you with your beveling machines needs.

Repairs: As an authorized repair center for beveling machines we can repair both Mathey and H&M beveling machines. Whether it is a 2”-4” or a 30”- 36” machine we have an in-house repair shop stocked with parts needed to repair your beveling machine. We take great pride in our techs and the work they do and your machine will come out looking brand new.

Purchase: As an authorized dealer we have both Mathey and H&M bevel machines on the shelf. The range that we stock on our shelf is as follows:  2”-4”, 3”-8”, 6”-12”, 12”-20” and 20”-26”. We also have a large selection of replacement parts from spacers to torch holders.

Rental: Every one of our rentals is inspected before it goes out. We offer rental beveling machines (and torches) from 2”-36”.

These machines can be great for a job requiring multiple sizes, however they can get very heavy and cumbersome once you get over 20” pipe. Field work is not recommended over 20” but if you have a crane to lift the beveling machine it can be done, we recommend anything over 20” to be used in a shop.

The biggest question we face with bevel machines is what spacers do I use? There are 4 different options available.

For both Mathey and H&M beveling machines 2”-4” you have the half round spacers, 2 per size. However if there is a “C” in the serial number it would use the cuboid spacers.

For the Mathey beveling machines 3”-8” and up the spacer bolts are used, 4 pcs. per size makes one set, we have these in stock. In recent years Mathey have released a step spacer. We do not stock these but are able to bring them in as requested.

For the H&M beveling machines there are 3”-8” and up there are 2 options. If there is an “H” in the serial number the beveling machine would use the spacer bolts. If there is a “C” in the serial number you would use the cuboid spacers (they look like “T’s”)

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