In Canada’s business landscape today the environment and safety are two factors that are regarded over almost all others. Any work that is done must be done safely and can’t be detrimental to the environment. One of the industries this is especially important for is oil & gas and pipeline operations. Because of the potential damage to the environment the protection of the pipe is paramount, and this is where Denso petrolatum tapes are utilized. When there needs to be a valve on a pipe or anything else that effects the symmetry of the pipe the petrolatum tapes are used because they are designed to contour to these irregularities.

Denso LT Tape

Like all petrolatum tapes Denso LT Tape is stops corrosion and prevents environmental damage from corroded pipes. Unlike many other coating systems, it is made to contour to deformities and can be used at the low temperatures we are accustomed to in Canada. Denso LT tape and all Denso petrolatum tapes can be used above or below ground and maintain their corrosion protection properties.

Denso Hotline Tape

Like the LT tape the Denso Hotline Tape is a petrolatum tape (commonly referred to as wax tape or grease tape). The difference is that the Denso Hotline tape is made for pipe that run at a higher service temperature. The maximum service temperature for this tape is 110 C for above ground and 83 C below ground. This product is compatible with Denso Profiling Mastic to smooth out the surfaces around flanges and other irregularities.

Denso Paste

Denso Paste is a product used along with Denso’s petrolatum tapes and acts as a primer to prepare the pipe for coating. Denso Paste will penetrate existing rust, displace moisture, and pacify the surface to prepare the pipe for coating. When using Denso Hotline Tape you must use Denso Paste HT in order for the product to work under higher service temperatures.

Denso Profiling Mastic

As mentioned earlier Denso Profiling Mastic is used to smooth irregularities cause by flanges and other objects on the pipe. This mastic is commonly referred to as bird seed is used to contour the pipe so that tape can be easily applied.

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