Looking to protect your pipes and shield important lines against the dangers of rust and corrosion? Proline Pipe Equipment is proud to be a leading manufacturer and supplier of pipeline equipment and solutions, including products like Denso Paste and more. Since 1967 we’ve helped clients from across Canada and worldwide find the best fit for their specific needs. Learn more about Denso Paste, as well as Proline’s inventory below.

Tackling Tough Jobs With Superior Protection

For over 80 years, Denso has made a name for itself as a supplier of products that help ensure the “long life protection” of buried steel pipelines against corrosion. Denso’s line of liquid coatings, tape systems, primers, outer wraps and more are trusted by industry leaders to protect vital pipelines throughout the world.

Denso Paste

Denso paste is a soft brown petroleum based primer that contains moisture removing, corrosion preventing compounds. The application may be done with either a stiff brush or gloved hand at normal ambient temperatures, and the paste does not dry, harden or crack, making it ideal for flanges. Primarily used as a primer prior to the application of Denso petrolatum tapes, Denso paste will penetrate existing rust, displace moisture, and aid in the adhesion of petrolatum tapes and mastics. It is also used as a temporary coating for exposed metal.

About Proline Pipe Equipment

Since 1967 Proline has been a trusted manufacturer and supplier of the top solutions for pipeline equipment and more. Proudly Canadian, Proline Pipe Equipment is based out of Edmonton, Alberta and assists customers from all over the world. As a company, we are dedicated to supplying quality products that lead the way with outstanding value and workmanship. From pipeline covering solutions to our full-scale repair services and more, we’re always here to help. Contact us today to learn more.