Proline distributes cutting and grinding disc for Platinum North America. The ultra-performance high cutting and grinding discs are unbeatable for cutting up to 30% faster while lasting 30% longer than other discs in the same category. These discs have set a new performance industry standard for performance.  The cutting discs are free of iron, sulfur and chlorine and will not contaminate stainless steel. These discs are manufactured with technology that allows for binding resistance, flexing resistance and ensures a straighter cut while improving safety by cutting straight. Platinum products are guaranteed to outperform industry standards and reflect their drive for continuous innovation.

What makes Platinum products stand out in the metalworking industry?

Consistency. Platinum products are manufactured to provide consistent quality, performance and dependability.

Simplicity. Platinum products are designed to make your task quicker and easier.

Creativity. You’ll always find new and unique products in our range that are a result of continuous research and development of new ideas and solutions.

Not only are you getting the highest quality disc on the market today, these discs also qualify for the Grinder for Life program. What is that?  If you buy 270 eligible discs, you will be sent a grinder that is guaranteed for life.  Two years down the road, if the grinder fails, a brand new one will replace it – free of charge and guaranteed for life.

What if the grinder fails in 20 years?  Platinum will replace it as well.  Every time you buy 270 eligible discs at one time, another grinder will be sent to you, free of charge along with a guarantee for life like the first one.  It’s that simple.  I know what you’re thinking.  The discs are probably expensive to make up for the free grinder program. Well, if that is what you’re thinking, then you’d be wrong.  Pricing is very competitive, especially when considering the quality and lifespan of the discs versus competitors. The free grinder program is just a bonus on top of everything else.  You may need a Proline Grinder Holder while you’re at it. Try some discs for yourself and compare them to what you’re currently using.

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