When performing maintenance on municipal infrastructure, commercial or residential piping systems there is often the need to stop water flow. Whether you are working on sanitary systems, storm sewers, or agricultural culverts these plugs will help you stop water in its tracks.

Sizes for All Applications

Our Muni Ball plugs come in a vast range of sizes and can be used for pipe from sizes 2” all the way up to 72”. Most sizes come with a by-pass to allow testing and limited flow through when necessary. The new I-Series Muni Ball plug also has smaller deflated diameters to allow it to fit into smaller openings.


Quality You Can Trust

When you buy or rent a Muni Ball Plug you know you are getting a product of the highest quality. The Muni Ball plug was first introduced by Cherne over 50 years ago and has been the industry standard ever since. Every Muni Ball Plug that Proline rent comes with a protective sleeve and a case. The protective sleeve help prevent punctures when inside the pipe and the case prevents damage during transport.

Unmatched Ease of Use

In addition to be being of the highest quality these plugs are extremely easy to use. Once inserted into the opening all that needs to be done is fill it with air and let it expand to the size of the pipe. In the larger sizes they have size ranges so one plug can be used for numerous pipe sizes and wall thicknesses.

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