12″-24″ Stackable Hi Temp Plastic Pipe Stands

Proline’s 12″–24″ stackable plastic pipe stand is the current “Superman” of the industry.  These high temperature stands are even a bit stronger due the extra resin used in making them.  When designing this stand, Proline engineers gave the 12″-24″ a “star” shape and that also contributes to its strength.  Tested on a third party press with a maximum down force of 50,000 lbs., the test machine reached its full capacity without being able to collapse the 12″-24″ stand. Rather than take the 12″-24″ to another facility with a stronger test machine, we took the results of the test and rated this stand with a safe working load capacity of 10,000 lbs.  For hotter environments, Proline, the inventor of the stackable plastic pipe stand, has developed a product for places where the ambient temperature can exceed 98ºF  or  37ºC .  Safety is our highest priority and Proline’s plastic pipe stands reflect that commitment.  One pallet will hold 15 stands for ease of transportation and storage.




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Stackable Hi Temp Plastic Pipe Stand Features: 15/pallet

  • Pipe Range: 12″-24″
  • each stand has a safe working load of 10,000 lbs (4535.9 kg) under ideal conditions
  • stackable for easy transporting
  • easy storage with 15 on a pallet
  • light weight
  • environmentally friendly (can be reused and recycled)
  • Made of UV stabilized HDPE
  • average lifespan of 6.5 years
  • each stand comes with a date stamp indicating time of manufacture
  • keeps jobsite clean and clutter-free
  • quick set up & collection time
  • No need for procedures to eliminate bugs or fungus
  • White colour does not attract heat like coloured stands
  • Invented by Proline
  • Made In Canada
  • Shipped locally and worldwide
  • Approx. Full Pallet size: 48″ x 42″ x 72″ H 
  • Approx. Full Pallet size: 122 cm x 107 x 183 H
  • Approx. Weight: 710 lbs. (322 kg)


  • can be stamped or engraved with company name or logo (minimum quantities apply)
  • discounts available when 100, 500, 1,000 are ordered and shipped together

Ambient temperature up to 45C (113F)

When ambient temperature exceeds 45C (113F)