30″-48″ Stackable Plastic Pipe Trench Support

Proline’s plastic stackable trench supports are used to protect the pipe coating and will not block cathodic protection. They hold the 30″-48″ pipe and provide support points above the hard/rocky area at the bottom of the trench and protect the pipe’s coating, while keeping it off the ground and using minimal labour. These can also be used to keep the pipe off the ground along the right-of-way.

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  • Stackable
  • Even Load Distribution
  • Large Footprint
  • Grooves to drain and channel water
  • Will not hinder cathodic protection
  • Load Tested
  • Replaces Labour Intensive Products
  • Cost Effective

Made of a linear low density polyethylene with UV stabilizers, this product has a life expectancy that exceeds the life of the pipeline that it is supporting. Polyethylene has a melting point of 257°F / 125°C and a low temperature impact resistance at -40°F / -40°C.

One worker can place the pipe support into the trench and eliminate the practice of buying and filling sand bags


  • Size:                           30″-48″ (76 – 1219 cm)
  • Overall Height:        12.50″ (32 cm)
  • Saddle Height:           5.95″ (15 cm)
  • Weight:                      25 lbs. (11 kg.)
  • Base:                           42.00″  (107 cm)
  • Max. Load         60,000 lbs. (25,215 kg.)
  • Number on a Pallet:     20