6 LB. Fallers Wedge

The 6 lb. Faller’s Wedge creates a precise weld gap when fitting pipe, spreading the gap to the exact desired width and accommodating a range of large diameter pipe. The wedge works in conjunction with a wide range of clamps, pipe welding tools, and other Proline tools to optimize any pipe fit up requirement. To create a precise welding gap, mount and tighten a KC or General clamp to the ends of aligned pipe, spread the gap using the Faller’s Wedge to the desired width.


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Sometimes on larger pipe diameters, the right tool for the job requires a robust tool that can handle the heavier weight of the larger pipe.  Although Proline’s coloured spacing tools are strong enough handle larger pipe, sometimes a larger gap is required.  As with our Coloured Spacing Tools, these Faller’s wedge’s will not bend or mushroom under pressure. Each wedge gradually tapers to a smooth, chiseled point, creating the ideal spacing wedge for any pipe fit up job.



  • Weight: 6lb.
  • Length: 10”
  • Width: 2”