Accubend Electronic Bend Indicator

The AccuBend electronic bend indicator is one of the most advanced bend measurement systems on the market today.

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How it works:

AccuBend measurement system consists of two transmitters and one receiver. The receiver is mounted at the operator’s stand. Once the transmitters are set on the pipe, the angle of the bend is continuously displayed. In the normal operating mode, the receiver computes the net bend in the pipe, regardless of any bending machine incline.



For Safety:
Virtually eliminates climbing on the pipe.


For Accuracy:
Continuous readout of the bend to 1/10 degree.


For Efficiency:
Keeps the work moving – no need to stop to measure bends.



  • Fits any size pipe
  • Accuracy to 1/10 degree
  • Constant digital readout
  • Saves time and increases production
  • Automatic shutoff feature to preserve battery life
  • Relative angle may be set by the flip of a switch on the receiver
  • Serialized radio frequencies allow more than one set to work in the same area without interfering with each other.
  • Transmitters have a magnetic base for secure placement on the pipe
  • Easy to operate and maintain