The Canusa SuperCase – CSC is a heat shrinkable casing for the joint protection of pre-insulated pipes

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The Strongest Seal Available


The Canusa SuperCase – CSC has been engineered to provide an effective and reliable seal every time. This is achieved by focusing the full strength of the crosslinked shrinkable casing directly onto a high shear and peel strength adhesive. The CSC combines the structural integrity of a tubular product and performance of a hot-melt adhesive which results in excellent resistance to soil stress, chemicals, abrasion, mechanical stress, foaming pressures, temperature cycling effects and pipe movements resulting in a strong and effective long term seal. The CSC also uses special non-crosslinked polyethylene sections to aid during foam hole sealing. These innovations allow field personnel to quickly and easily use conventional equipment and standard techniques to permanently seal foaming holes with weldable plugs.

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