Custom Pipe Bending

Proline Pipe Equipment Inc. has been providing custom cold pipe bending service since 1987. Our pipe bending machines can cold bend from 4”-48” pipe for architectural, structural and oil and gas. The bending machines are designed to bend bare steel or various types of external & internal coatings. They are equipped with polyurethane liners to protect the pipe coatings and pipe from damages. The bending process may require internal pipe bending mandrels from 6”-48” to ensure the pipe from going out-of-round. Our pipe bending mandrels are also equipped with polyurethane wheels and pads to prevent internal damage to the pipe coating or pipe.

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Proline Pipe Equipment Inc. is dedicated to following a quality control program for the cold bending process of pipe.

Proline regards that it is extremely important that our customers communicate with us to how the bent pipe will fit the required final tie-in destination. To achieve this, we need to receive the following information:

  • API pipe size, pipe grade and pipe wall thickness (mill test certificates preferred)
  • Exterior and/or interior coating type and thickness
  • Seam type (seamless, straight seam or spiral weld)
  • Bend degrees and bend radius
  • Pipe joint length and location of bend within the pipe joint
  • Seam location within bend (normally neutral axis)

Once the above information is received, our technical department makes an accurate and complete drawing of the bend for our customer to review and approve.

Following the approval of the pipe bend drawing, our qualified & experienced pipe bending staff takes great care in bending the pipe as per the drawing specifications. We use multiple different measuring tools to measure the degrees of the bent pipe to ensure our customer is getting the most accurate cold bends.  We can achieve a tolerance of   + or – 0.25 degrees.

Finally, all bends are visually inspected for distortion and out-of-roundness.  We measure all bends with calipers throughout the bend area to check the out-of-roundness and provide a Quality Control (QC) tracking sheet to show the worst-case scenario.  We can modify our QC tracking sheet to whatever the customer may need. If required, we can provide a Non-Destructive Test (NDT).  All bends are conformed to the Oil and Gas Pipeline Systems latest standard CSA-Z662 unless requested otherwise. Quite often we need to meet an ovality spec of the difference between the maximum and minimum diameters which does not exceed 2.5% variance.

Proline Pipe Equipment Inc. has been providing custom cold pipe bending service since 1987. We have worked with contractors and owning companies to provide their custom cold bend needs. We have provided bends for projects such as the 42” Expansion, the 24” Reactivation, 16” & 24” FCN and the 36” Keystone XL project to name a few. We have also developed cold bending procedures for owning companies like the 20” Grand Rapids project, when others struggled to bend this pipe, Proline was able to bend the pipe and save the owning company substantial dollars not having to buy different pipe for the project. Proline provided test bends for large projects like the FCN to ensure owning companies had pipe that was easy to bend in field applications, as well as a bending procedure to minimize any pipe waist due to egging of the pipe.