Draw Knife

These Traditional English pattern Draw Knives are manufactured from hardened and tempered high Carbon steel, with securely fitted handles. 13″ 330.2 mm Draw Knife, Straight.

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These heavy duty drawknives are manufactured from spring steel milled to a 23 degree edge and tempered to a 59 Rockwell hardness. This resists chipping while still maintaining a sharp edge. A sharpening stone should be used to touch up the edge. The tapered handles are angled and bonded epoxy to steel. This provides user comfort by minimizing hand slippage and finger cramping while still providing the user with maximum blade control. The handles are positioned for drawknife to be used in the bevel down position. The two handle spreads are enough to peel most size logs while the different weights enable the removal of small knots, stubborn bark or old pipeline tape.