Flange Aligning Tools

The flange alignment tool is a simple and effective way to align any flange for any alignment job. All the operator has to do is to slide the thin end of the pin through the holes in the two flanges that most closely line up and turn the pin with a wrench. As the pin spins the holes will begin to line up. The tool’s tapered shaft has a patented end. This detail eliminates the need for hammering, prying and pushing when attempting to line up flange bolt holes. If necessary you can use a second pin on the opposite side of the flange to get the flange to completely line up. At this point all the operator has to do is slide the bolts through the aligned bolt holes and tighten them up to the correct torque rating. Below is a chart listing all the different sizes available in the standard lengths and the “Extra Long” models as well.



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Individual Flange Aligning Tools are a safe, fast and effective solution for even the toughest flange alignment jobs.  The tool’s tapered shaft is a patented feature that eliminates the need for hammering and prying when lining up flange bolt holes. Flange Aligning Tools are sold individually and in sets.

Flange Aligning Tool Sets are available In pairs of three, four, five and six sizes. All sets come in a custom foam fitted tool box. The tool box is a handy way to keep all the pins together and to keep them from being lost or missed placed, and from being damaged sitting in the bottom of an old tool box. When a set is ordered, the flange Aligning tool sizess come in pairs.

FLANGE ALIGNING TOOL SETS INCLUDE : 2 tools of each size and storage container.

Each tool is made of 4140 heat treated steel then cadmium plated to provide superior strength and non sparking capability. Tools may come in a gold or black colour.



FTS24: FT02 (3/4″) , FT03 (7/8″),  FT04 (1″)

FTS26: FT02 (3/4″) , FT03 (7/8″),  FT04 (1″), FT06 (1-1/8″)

FTS28: FT02 (3/4″) , FT03 (7/8″),  FT04 (1″), FT06 (1-1/8″), FT08 (1-1/4″)

FTS212: FT02 (3/4″) , FT03 (7/8″),  FT04 (1″), FT06 (1-1/8″), FT08 (1-1/4″), FTS1012 (1-3/8″) (shown above)

FTS1426: FT14 (1-1/2″), FT16 (1-5/8″), FT1820 (1-3/4″), FTS2426 (2″)



FTS28L: FT02L (3/4″) , FT03L (7/8″),  FT04L (1″), FT06L (1-1/8″), FT08L (1-1/4″)

FTS212L: FT02L (3/4″) , FT03L (7/8″),  FT04L (1″), FT06L (1-1/8″), FT08L (1-1/4″), FTS1012L (1-3/8″)

FTS1426L: FT14L (1-1/2″), FT16L (1-5/8″), FT1820L (1-3/4″), FTS2426L (2″)