The GTS-65 system provides superior corrosion protection and excellent bonding on pipelines operating up to 65°C

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GTS-65 has been designed with a unique adhesive technology that remains “open” longer than traditional adhesives. Also, special surface active agents allow bonding to lower surface energy coatings (such as polypropylene). As a result, lower preheat temperatures are required to attain true adhesive wet-out and superior bonding to PE, PP and FBE surfaces is achieved.


Superior Force Cured Epoxy

• Proven method of force curing the liquid epoxy to the steel allows the installer to “pre-inspect” the joint prior to sleeve application

• Force cured epoxy cannot be displaced during the aligning and shrinking stages of the sleeve installation


Unique Adhesive Technology

• Allows for lower installation pre-heat temperatures and superior bonding to PE, PP and FBE coatings

• Adhesive has been formulated to bond directly to the main line coating; epoxy is applied to the steel only


Flexible Installation

• GTS-65 can be used as either a 2-layer or 3-layer sleeve system with the same low pre-heat temperature

• For added flexibility, the sleeve can be supplied as bulk rolls or pre-cut to the required pipe size


Long Term Corrosion Protection

• Provides a protective coating with the structural integrity of a seamless tube, providing excellent resistance to cathodic disbondment and excellent durability against abrasion and chemical attack


Saves Time & Money

• Lower pre-heat means less time heating

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