INR-110 are heat shrinkable sleeves paired into a system which provides continuation of corrosion protection and foam sealing across pre-insulated pipeline joint. INR-110 sleeve is applied directly onto the carrier pipe and has been designed to withstand conditions associated with the joint foaming operation, while maintaining its full set of anti-corrosion properties. Complementary, K-60 sleeve provides superior mechanical and sealing properties required to protect the foam during construction and pipeline operating conditions. INR-110 sleeves are specifically engineered for use in combination with polyurethane half shells or other infill systems.

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These sleeves are resistant to the conditions associated with the polyurethane foaming operation and maintain their full set
of anti-corrosion properties. INR-110 sleeves are fully compatible with a wide range of pipeline coatings, including PP, FBE, PE, Coal Tar and Tape.

Features and Benefits

Operator Friendliness – One-piece, wraparound sleeves with a factory bonded closures and a specially engineered product thickness results in optimum installation time. Single wrap configuration eliminates the requirements for muiltiple wrappings.

Crosslinked Polyolefin Backing – Proprietary crosslinking technology provides superior resistance to PUR in-fill while ensuring longterm hoop stress.

Unique adhesive technology allows for allow surface preparation requirement while ensuring long-term adhesion and excellent cathodic disbondment resistance properties.