Pig Passage Indicator

A Pig Passage Indicator is to make certain that when a customer is pigging a pipeline, they will always know when the pig has passed a critical point in the pipeline.

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How the Pig Indicator Works

The pigPRO™ indicator is permanently installed on pig launchers and receivers, or very close to a pump station. By doing so, operators are notified the instant that the pig has left the launcher or arrived in the receiver.

The system is fitted with a plunger that is then inserted into the pipe, physically penetrating the pipe bore. When a pipeline cleaning pig passes, it actuates the plunger, which activates either a visual or electrical indicator, or both. The instant that the indicator is displayed, the pipeline cleaner’s precise location is revealed.

The pigPRO™ is an INTRUSIVE model as the plunger actually penetrates the pipe bore. The protruding PLUNGER is actuated by the passage of a pipeline cleaner thereby activating an indicator.