Pipe Pillows

Our pipe pillows are placed at the bottom of trenches where damages to the pipe and/or coating can occur. There are numerous types of things such as Rocks that can inflict pipe damage, our pipe pillows raise the pipe off the ground to protect it.

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Pipe pillows

  • Two different sizes for pipe <36" and >36"
  • Built sturdy to avoid breakage
  • Custom sizes available depending on quantity
  • High quality BASF 7301 foam

Pipe Pillows

Foam pipe pillows are designed to support fully loaded pipelines and protect the coating from the rocky trench bottom.

Manufactured in Canada, the high quality BASF 7301 foam is environmentally friendly but yet durable enough to last the lifetime of the pipeline.

The shape is designed to effectively transfer the weight evenly to offer full support and protection.

Pipe Pillows Advantages

There are many advantages for using a foam pipe pillow compared to other methods

  • Low COST
  • Lightweight – the lightest product on market that offers the same protection
  • Easy installation – known as the easiest product to install to save on labour costs
  • Low transportation cost

Pipe Pillow Preformed Sizes

Proline offers 4 preformed sizes.

  • Two different sizes for pipe <36?
    • 36” X 24” X 6”
    • 36” X 24” X 10”
  • Two different sizes for pipe  >36?
    • 44” X 24” X 6”
    • 44” X 24” X 10”
  • Custom sizes available depending on quantity