Pipeline File

Pipeliner half round file. Rounded on one side, flat on the other. Used on concave and convex as well as flat surfaces. Single cut on the back and on the flat side. Length 14 inches/356 mm.


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Pipeliner Files (Bastard Cut) are two-sided files featuring a rounded face on one side, and a flat face on the opposite side. Both the rounded face and the flat face feature a single cut teeth set with bastard cut grit level. The Single Cut means that the file has one set of diagonal rows of teeth. Single-cut files are most commonly used with light pressure applied in hopes of producing a smooth surface finish. Most commonly used to deburr or remove material from the inside surfaces of cylindrical workpieces like a pipe or to cut half round grooves. These 14 inch pipe liner half round files can also work well on flat surfaces by flipping the file to its flat side. 14” Pipeliner Files are commonly used for pipe fitting, and various plumbers’ work. This single cut pipe liner file can be used on Ferrous Metals, Mild Steel, Iron Bar, Plastics, Stainless steel, Wood.

* For safety reasons, a file should never be used without a handle. Clean with a wire file cleaner if it gets clogged.