Pop-It Flange Spreader P95-525

Used for flange spreading, blind flanges, valve service, levelling, lifting, alignment, prying, moving, wedging, etc. Lightweight, compact, fits in .070″ of space (fits in toolbox) Hand operated, unique for tight spots


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The PETOL™ POP-IT™ FLANGE SPREADER & PRYING TOOL is a unique and versatile product rapidly gaining popularity in a wide range of industries including petrochemical, refining, pipeline, power generating, as well as emergency rescue.


The Pop-It tool flange spreader is used for both flange spreading and equipment lifting, Making it the most versatile tool on the market used in these applications.
The Pop-It flange spreader takes the place of a hammer and wedge and can spread or lift 10,000 pounds up to 5.5 inches with 120 pounds of force at the ratchet handle. It’s lightweight, compact, and portable and holds its spread without drifting. The Pop-it Tool flange spreader can be used in a multitude of industry applications such as gasket replacement, blinding, drive shimming, and valve service.
The Pop-It Tool also works well when lifting equipment for alignment work, removing gears or impellers from shafts.



Pop-it Flange Spreader