Heavy Duty Pop-It Flange Spreader

Input 300 ft lbs torque on second & third step Output 30,000 ft lbs on second & third step First toe to start work Total height 15-1/2″ Total weight 32 lbs Travel height 5-1/2″ Travel height with legs extended is 8″ Penetration 1/2″ first step, 1″ 2nd step, 1-1/2″ 3rd step Ratchet handle mechanically attached to tool


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The HD0535 “Heavy Duty” Pop-it Tool flange spreader is the next step up from the 95-525 Pop it tool flange spreader. It is designed to spread larger and thicker flanges than what the original pop it can handle. The HD0535 is particularly effective when spreading RTJ type flanges or other large flanges with a significant gap. The HD0535 requires a 1/2” in gap to insert the toes and creates up to 30,000 pounds (13,607.7 kg.) of spreading force.


Pop-It HD-0535 Flange spreader

sold separately or as a kit