Proline “Self Contained” Remote Internal Hydraulic Mandrels

Proline’s Hydraulic Mandrels used with Proline’s Bending Machines are vital pieces of equipment for any pipe bending operation. The Proline Internal Hydraulic Remote Pipe Bending Mandrel is available for pipe sizes 34″ to 48″ (863.6-1219 mm) and is engineered to meet the bending specifications of high-grade pipe used on natural gas pipeline projects.

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Using the latest technologies and materials, Proline mandrels are guaranteed to withstand the extreme forces of the bending process. Proline’s self-centering / no-roll technology ensures that the mandrel will always stay centered in the pipe.

Proline can design and manufacture to custom sizes and specifications.   



  • Designed and engineered for a one-man operation.
  • Built-in air-cooled diesel-powered hydraulic drive system eliminates the need for long external hydraulic feed and return lines.
  • Our unique wedge design with our extremely powerful cylinders allows smooth bends to be created by the operator while preventing pipe buckling and shape distortion.
  • Polyurethane-coated backing bars, pads and wheels for the protection of internal coated pipes.
  • Can be used with X65 to X80+ grade pipe.
  • Conversion kits available to adjust for different pipe size in range.
  • Fast Action – retracts, expands, and travels quickly.
  • Rugged and built for long life.
  • Very low maintenance.

Our Remote Operated mandrels come with spare remote receiver and transmitter, 100 feet (30.48 M) of reach rod, control ends, and spare parts for simple set up and repairs.

Mandrel Operations Manuals Upon Request

Remote-Control Monitoring System 

Proline has developed a control monitoring system for their Hydraulic Mandrels to aid the mandrel operator to maintain the mandrel performance and prevent most catastrophic damages or repairs due to human error.