Proline Internal Hydraulic Wedge Mandrels “Self Containted”

The PROLINE Internal Hydraulic Wedge Pipe Bending Mandrel is available for pipe sizes 34″ to 60″ (863.6-1524 mm) and is engineered to meet the bending specifications of high-grade pipe used on natural gas pipeline projects. Like all PROLINE mandrels the hydraulic self-contained wedge mandrel has the no roll self-leveling technology incorporated into the design. Combined with the self-contained diesel power source, this mandrel helps speed up the bending process dramatically. Features: Self-propelled by two powerful hydraulic motors mounted directly on the two front travel wheels eliminating the need for chains and gears. Air cooled diesel engine and hydraulic system integrated into the mandrel. No external hydraulic system. No need for hose filled reach rod. All models come with light weight electric wire filled reach rod, compact pneumatic tire control buggy and control juncture box. Optional: Remote control operation – eliminates the need for electric wire filled reach rod.

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PROLINE Pipe Bending Mandrels are a vital piece of equipment for any pipe bending operation. Using the latest technologies and materials, PROLINE mandrels are guaranteed to withstand the extreme forces of bending. Our unique wedge design allows smooth bends to be made while preventing pipe buckling and shape distortion of higher grades of pipe. PROLINE’s self-centering / no-roll technology insures that the mandrel will always stay centered in the pipe. Designed and engineered for a one-man operation, PROLINE mandrels come in hydraulic or pneumatic wedge styles. Comes in a variety of sizes for different pipe diameters. Features: Extremely powerful large diameter cylinders. Polyurethane-coated backing bars, pads and wheels for the protection of internal coated pipes. Can be used with X65 to X80+ grade pipe. Conversion kits available to adjust for different pipe size in range. Self propelled air motor (some hydraulic motor driven) – 20″ and larger. Fast Action – retracts, expands and travels quickly. Rugged and built for long life. Very low maintenance.