Rolli Sling

Rolli-Slings are an effective way to move small inch pipe, and are specifically designed for pipeline installation projects. Proline currently offers Rolli-Slings  from 2″ – 6″ and all are equipped with 4 urethane ’round cut’ wheels with sealed anti-friction bearings. *Rolli slings are only for 2-6″ pipe, anything larger requires a rolli cradle*


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For 2″-6″ pipe these lightweight Rolli-Slings are designed for ease of use.

Polyurethane rollers eliminate pipe coating damage

Do you need something larger with more capacity?  HERE IS A TIP:  You can always use one roller section of a 3 part Rolli-Cradle without the head iron. It is more expensive than the Rolli-Sling but then again, it also has many more rollers and a much higher lifting capacity, depending on the size .  If you are in a pinch, this could be exactly what you need: Sizes could go from 3″-60″. Ask your PROLINE representative for more information.