STOPAQ® Paste is a mouldable corrosion preventing compound that is especially designed for low temperature applications. It is used for filling of voids and leveling of irregular surfaces prior to application of STOPAQ® coating materials, and adheres extremely well to steel and factory applied pipeline coatings like PE, PP and FBE.

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Stopaq® Paste is a non-toxic, cold-applied compound, based on noncrystalline, low-viscosity, non-crosslinked (fully amorphous), pure homopolymer Polyisobutene. Stopaq® Paste is viscous at the indicated operating temperatures. Due to its liquid nature it has a set of unique properties, like cold-flow into all irregularities of the substrate. The compound does not cure and is unable to build up internal stress. Stopaq® Paste is fully resistant to water, salt spray and UV-radiation, and has a low gas- and water vapour permeability. Stopaq® Paste requires application of additional flexible mechanical protective layers like Stopaq® Outerwrap. This improves impact and indentation resistance of the coating system and supports self-healing ability of small damages like dents and cuts in the complete coating. Optionally an additional mechanical protective layer can be applied on top like Stopaq® Polyester, or Stopaq® Outerglass Shield XT Grey.


  • Controlled cold flow providing inflow into the finest pores of the substrate
  • Resistance to low temperatures without getting brittle
  • Conforms to irregular shapes
  • Low surface tension; adheres on many dry substrates at a molecular level
  • Surface tolerant: no blasting techniques required, wire brushing is sufficient (ISO 8501-1: St 2)
  • Adhesion based on vanderWaals forces
  • Inert to ageing and weathering
  • Resistant to many chemicals like water, salts, acids, alkalis, polar solvents,
    etc. For additional information, please consult Stopaq B.V.


  • Safe to use. No physical, health or environmental hazards
  • Fast and easy to apply at low temperatures
  • Can be moulded onto various types of irregular shaped objects
  • No osmosis or underfilm migration of moisture
  • Cathodic Protection (CP) of steel structures is not affected

***Stopaq products from Proline are available in Canada only, for international inquiries please contact your local distributor***