Testex Spring Micrometer

The Testex Micrometer is a precision, spring-loaded Dial Thickness Gauge specifically designed for measuring thickness of Testex replica tape. Replica tape is used in conjunction with an analog or digital spring-loaded micrometer for acquiring surface profile measurements according to Method C in ASTM D4417. Range of .0001″ to .050″; resolution of .1 mil.  The replica tape is rubbed onto the abrasive blast cleaned surface forming a reverse replica of the peak-valley pattern in the steel. The replica is quantified using a spring loaded micrometer to determine the maximum peak-to-valley depth. Each roll of tape contains 50 pieces. The Testex Micrometer is stocked in imperial units. A metric version is available by special order.

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Fast, simple, method for determining surface profile of blast cleaned surfaces. 0-Film replica tape is pressed onto the blast cleaned surface forming an exact reverse replica of the profile. The replica tape is then measured with a specially modified spring Micrometer to determine the maximum peak to valley height.


Stock # 20138
(Testex micrometer guage, standard)


Stock # 20138D
(Testex micrometer guage, digital)