vLoc-9800 Locator

Locate with Accuracy and Confidence

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Locate with Accuracy and Confidence

  • Smaller and lighter
  • Over four times battery life
  • Define, set and lock available features
  • Customizable startup screen and much more…


  • Color display
  • Automatic and manual gain options
  • Distance Sensitive Left/Right
  • Pushbutton depth & current
  • Simple user interface
  • vLoc Series 2 enhanced battery life
  • Sheath fault location (option)
  • 982Hz, 9.8 kHz, 83.1 kHz


Distance Sensitive Left / Right Guidance

Pioneered by Metrotech thirty years ago – this is the standard method of locating in many industries. Most manufacturers provide left/right indication using a peak/null antenna set. Metrotech product and now the vLoc-9800 uses two horizontal guidance antennas some distance apart. This provides very accurate left/right separation – that, together with an exceptionally high level of sensitivity, produces a crisp, fast, accurate response…and an easier locate.