One of the most dangerous and difficult part of most construction projects is lifting heavy objects. Making sure you have the right equipment for the job is crucial for each lift. Proline’s round slings are rugged and come in different lengths and capacities to accommodate all your needs.

Durability is Safety

Heavy lifting needs to be handled carefully and safely, using faulty equipment can lead to disastrous results. Any cosmetic damage or cut in a sling can ruin its integrity and lead to drops and accidents that are easily preventable. That is why Proline only sells the highest quality slings that are the most durable in the industry. Our sling customers are extremely loyal and come back time and time again because they know our slings last longer than the competitors. Thanks to our seamless cover without any edges the load bearing fiber never comes into contact with the load.

Certifications Made Easy

Most job sites require certifications for lifting devices to be on file and we make that simple for all our customers. Our sling certifications are stored on a centralized database that all our customers can access. That allows project managers to have the ability to access certifications without having file folders full of paper copies.

A Sling for Every Job

Every lift is unique a requires different equipment, therefore our slings come in a wide variety of lengths and capacities. Ranging from 3,000 lbs to 90,000 lbs our slings have a huge amount of versatility. Each color of sling has a different capacity but can also be ordered in several lengths to accommodate every job. You can determine which sling is right for your job with our easy to use table that displays the capacity for each color of sling.

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