When installing any kind of pipe in today’s world preventing corrosion is paramount. In order to do this there are several different coatings that are applied to the pipe. These coatings are never perfectly consistent and are required to be tested for pin holes and imperfections. Coating testing is done with holiday detectors which are commonly referred to as jeepers.

Spy Holiday Detectors

Proline carries the Spy line of jeepers which are made by one of the most respected brands in the industry, Pipeline Inspection Company. All these detectors come with features that improve the user experience and focus on ease of use. The output voltage is automatically regulated while visual and auditory signals alert user of holidays.

Spy 785 High Voltage Holiday Detector

The Spy 785 is a high voltage detector used to test a wide variety of coatings due to its 1-15KV voltage range. One of the more common uses for this detector is for sleeve testing sue to its higher voltage. With an operating temperature range of -40F to 148F it can be used in even the harshest environments.

Spy 780 Low Voltage Holiday Detector

Unlike the Spy 785 which uses a pulse voltage type, the Spy 780 uses DC in order allowing it to be extremely precise. This type of precision is necessary for epoxy type coating that often have a thinner profile than the sleeves or other coating.

Spy 790 Holiday Detector

The Spy 790 is the most recent and specialized unit out of all the Spy Jeepers. It was specially made for thicker coating such as Stopaq among other things. With voltage going up to 35KV this detector can be operated on the thickest coating available.

Spy Jeep Meter

The Spy Jeep Meter is used to test the output voltages of your holiday detector in order to ensure its accuracy. With an easy to read display and no hassle connections the Spy Jeep Meter makes testing your holiday detector easy.

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