When cutting or beveling a pipe accuracy is key, being off by even an eighth of an inch can render the cut useless. The thing that effects the cut and puts the unit out of round is the ring gear. On most beveling machines the ring gear is attached to the saddle so replacing it is not economically viable. However, on the H&M beveling machine the saddle and the ring gear are two separate parts making replacement much more cost effective.


The H&M beveling machine has a unique spacing system included so that only 4 spacers are necessary. This is extremely useful because smaller spacers are easily lost and there are often 12 different bolts needed to cut 3 different sizes of pipe. The H&M beveling machine is constructed of lightweight, hard-anodized aluminum, assuring durability and easy transportation to every job site.

Why Use an H&M Beveling Machine?

Using H & M Pipe Beveling Machines saves weld prep time and money compared to hand cutting. Anyone can make accurate cuts and bevels with just a few minutes of instruction. Easy-to-follow manuals are provided with each machine.

Beveling Machine Repair

Here at Proline we have years of experience repairing bevelers and our technicians have trained at the H&M facility in Oklahoma. We stock the standard parts for the beveling machines to repair them properly in a timely fashion. Additionally, every beveling machine is sand blasted so it looks as good as new every time.

Mathey Beveler’s

Here at Proline we also sell and repair Mathey bevelers. We have Mathey beveling machine parts in stock for repairs and anything we don’t have on the shelf we can get shipped to us without an issue.

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