Preventing cross-contamination and ensuring a thorough cleaning of your equipment can be a challenge. Portable wash pads present a proactive alternative for steam cleaning, pressure washing, and servicing of equipment. Proline Pipe Equipment is proud to carry leading solutions from manufacturers like Enviro-Pads. Learn more about portable wash stations, as well as Proline’s inventory and services below.

Taking The Hassle Out Of On Site Cleaning

Since arriving on the scene in 2000, Enviro-Pads’ products have demonstrated an industry leading combination of practical and versatile solutions. Designed with the intention of alleviating the concerns associated with ground and surface water contamination, the Enviro-Pad Containment System has transformed the industry’s ability safely and efficiently clean equipment while adhering to the stringent guidelines provided by the Alberta Environment (AENV), Energy Resources Conservation Board (ERCB) and the Fire Code of Alberta.

Enviro-Pads’ portable wash pad/station provides 100% containment of used waste water and contaminated waste allows for safe disposal adhering to environmental standards. Each station is engineered with a surface weight ratio of 200 tons and a storage volume capacity of 3,840 gallons. Features include:

  • Track and grouser friendly
  • Made of high grade steel
  • No tooling required
  • Forklift tubes and lifting eyes for installation and removal
  • Nonslip working surface
  • Surface load rating 50 Tons per pad
  • Drop in aluminum walls, drive on and off ramps
  • Removable grating

Optional features include heat coils within pads, glycol heater, and hot and cold water pressure washer.

About Proline Pipe Equipment

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